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FastPress XN63 Ironing Press (XN63)

Product Information

If you’re dreading tackling a pile of ironing then you'll find the Fastpress an absolute Godsend. For a start you don’t need to stand up; the Fastpress can be set up on any table. Thanks to the pressure-sensitive handle you only need a light touch to press any garment; the press does all the hard work.

It doesn’t require water either: the combination of a Teflon-coated heating plate, 46kg of pressure and a large ironing surface (62 x 25cm) means it can iron sheets and duvets quickly and easily. In fact it can deal with layers of fabric at a time, so you don’t even need to turn them over. There’s also a cuff and sleeve pad for ironing work shirts.

Its variable heating control (1500W - 1640W) means it’s suitable for many types of fabric. And there’s an electronic warning cut-off system in case the temperature becomes too high.

No more ironing standing up!

Standing for hours at an ironing board is so old fashioned and so unnecessary!

The Fastpress is the modern easy and very fast answer.

Thousands of happy Fastpress users have literally changed their lives with this fabulous machine that is simplicity itself to use

FASTPRESS has been carefully designed and extensively tested to ensure maximum results from minimum user effort.

FASTPRESS uses very little energy - about the same as your existing iron.

One thing that won't get hot with FASTPRESS is you because it's so simple to use and produces such a beautiful finish!

FASTPRESS is quick to set up on any table or any work surface, light and easy to carry around and takes up very little storage space.

The easy to use  FASTPRESS features fingertip closing and simple, clear controls.


Overall Dimensions:
65 x 53 x 21cm

Ironing Board Dimensions:
62 x 25cm Shaped one end

Weight: 12Kg

Voltage: 240v

Current Consumption: 
Fastpress: 1500w-164

Ironing Pressure: 46kg overall

Heating plate: teflon coated

Model - XN63
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FastPress XN64 Steam Ironing Press (XN64)
Product Information

The FastPress Steam is a high quality ironing press that makes ironing fast, easy, comfortable.and with 46kg of pressure and 1500w it will always give a professional finish.It is lightweight, robust and can be used on any table or work surface. The Fastpress is a professional ironing board and the shape and size is ideal for all the family’s laundry. Shirt buttons, zippers etc press down into the padding of the board so you laundry will never look better. It has a steam pressure system for when you need an extra shot of steam.

Shape and size is ideal for all the family's laundry. Shirt buttons, zippers, etc. press down into the padding of the board, embroidery has never looked so good!

Clear and simple pressure and temperature selector controls for ease of use.

Fingertip pressure is all that is required. Our presses then apply their own pressure to the garment.

Minimises heat radiation - cooler for the user.

Makes ironing sheets and tablecloths so simple.

Our presses use very little energy, about the same as a normal iron thanks to its special heating plate.

If you leave the press closed for more than 30 seconds, or open for more than 8 minutes) the electronic alarm sounds and the current is automatically cut off.

Box Contains

  • 1 × Ironing Press
  • 1 × Instruction DVD
  • 1 × Spray Bottle
  • 2 × Ironing pads
  • 1 × Instruction Book
  • 1 × Water Filling Funnel

  • Overall Dimensions: 65 x 53 x 21cm
  • Ironing Board Dimensions: 62 x 25cm
  • Shaped one end
  • Weight: 12Kg
  • Current Consumption: 900-1500w
  • Ironing Pressure: 46kg overall
  • Heating plate: Teflon coated

Model - XN64
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