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Venom VS7103 Armour Shell Phone Cover for iPhone 4 (Black) (VS7103)
Product Information
  • Slim and lite highly protective shell for your iPhone 4
  • Protects without bulking the size of your iPhone 4
  • High quality polycarbonate case with a soft silky metallic layer
  • Designed to give full access to all functions

  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 6 x 1.5 cm
  • Boxed-product Weight: 59 g
  • Item model number: VS7103
  • ASIN: B003Z2S3H2
Model - VS7103
Venom VS7100 Armour Shell Phone Cover for iPhone 4 (Blue) (VS7100)
Product Information
  • Slim and lite highly protective shell for your iPhone 4
  • Protects without bulking the size of your iPhone 4
  • High quality polycarbonate case with a soft silky metallic layer
  • Designed to give full access to all functions

  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 6 x 1.5 cm
  • Boxed-product Weight: 59 g
  • Item model number: VS7100
  • ASIN: B003Z2S3H2
Model - VS7100
Venom VS7105 Flip and Talk Case for iPhone 4 (VS7105)
Product Information
  • Store and protect your iPhone4 with the stylish flip and talk case
  • Flip front opening for quick and easy access to all your phone functions
  • Magnetic closure and open side button access
  • Camera hole open front and back

  • Boxed-product Weight: 81.6 g
  • Item model number: VS7105
  • ASIN: B003Z2UMNA
Model - VS7105
Creative ZENA ZEN 2 in 1 Skin Pack (ZENA)
Product Information

The ZEN Style Skin Pack (2-in-1) accessory comes in two colours to suit your mood and style. Accessorise your player with its snug fitting design, while enjoying easy access to all the controls of the player. Its durable silicone material ensures that you have a firm grip on the player every moment you take it out to play your favourite tunes. Works with ZEN Style 300 or ZEN Style 100.


Product Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 4 cm
Package Contents:2 pieces of Silicone Skin for ZEN Style 300/100
Model - ZENA
Exspect EX081 Silicone Case for iPod Touch (EX081)
Product Information

This high grade EX081 Silicone Case is the ultimate in protection, still giving you full access to the touch screen, headphone port and functions.


Model - EX081
Philips WW827 Tornado High Lumen 75W Bulbs (x2) (WW827)

Product characteristics

  • Energy efficiency: very good (EEL = A)
  • Luminous efficiency: very good (62 up to 74 lumens/watt)
  • Average life: 8,000 hours, corresponding to about 8 years at about 2.7 hours per day
  • Switching cycle: average  (5,000 cycles)
  • Lumen maintenance: average (75 % of the maximum intensity after 5,000 hours of operation) 
  • Flawless ignition at -10 °C and up
  • Colour rendering: good (Ra = 81)
  • Mercury content: high (5.0 mg per lamp, but significantly lower than mercury vapor lamps)
  • Recycling: very good (> 95 %)
  • Manufacturing plants are certified according to the ISO 14,001 international standard for environmental management
  • Production in Europe and Asia


  • Proven Philips quality
  • Available in three color codes
  • Good color reproduction compared to mercury lamps

Application notes

  • Perfect replacement for mercury lamps, even if the lamp is visible
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as for factories and warehouses as well as the lighting of walkways
  • No gear required 
  • Ambient temperature range to ensure almost constant light output: 0 up to 50 °C
  • Use outdoors only in enclosed and ventilated luminaires


Light Technical

Color Code
865  [ CCT of 6500K]
Luminous Flux (Nom)
5550 lm
Luminous Flux (Rated) (Nom)
5550 lm
Color Designation
Cool Daylight
Lumen Maintenance 2000 h (Nom)
88 %
Chromaticity Coordinate X (Nom)
Chromaticity Coordinate Y (Nom)

Operating and Electrical

Input Frequency
50 or 60 Hz
Power (Rated) (Nom)
75.0 W
Lamp Current (Nom)
350 mA
Wattage Equivalent
340 W
Starting Time (Nom)
1.5 s
Model - WW827
Energizer LP40411 Penlite LED Pen Torch 2AAA (LP40411)
Product Information

The Energizer 2AAA Penlite is a handy, convenient personal lighting solution. The slim profile and light weight make it easy to slip into a purse, bag or pocket, and the sturdy pocket clip keeps it in place. The light provides enough illumination to find a keyhole or a dropped object and to read in the dark without disturbing others.

High intensity white bulb provides sufficient light to find dropped objects or read without disturbing others

Slim, lightweight design slips easily into purse, bag or pocket

• Sturdy pocket clip
• Easy to use push button switch

Brand: Energizer
SAP: 625701
Colour: Black & Grey
Power Source: 2xAAA Batteries
Lamp Life (hr): 10
Lamp Rating: 2.5V, 0.275A
Light Output (Lumens): 3
Beam Distance (m): 8
Typical Weight (Without Batteries): 13.6 grams
Dimensions (mm): 150 x 19.3
Model - LP40411
Grundig 77352 Flashlight and 8xAA Batteries Pack (77352)
Product Information

Quality product from Grundig. The practical companion, here in a transparent design as a savings package - Transparent flashlight + 8 batteries.


Brand: Grundig
Product Type: Flashlight
Included: 8xAA Batteries
Model - 77352
Mercury 429832 World to UK Travel Adaptor (429832)
Product Information

Plug in adaptor that allows equipment from various countries across Europe, America, Australasia and China to be used in a UK mains outlet.

  • Compatible with plugs from Germany, France, Italy, USA, Australia, New Zealand and China
  • Fused at 13A
  • Conforms to new BS8546 and BS1363
  • Colour: White


Dimensions: 57 x 52 x 57mm
Weight: 62g
Fused: 13A
Model - 429832
Wpro 484000008431 500ml Oven Care Spray (484000008431)
Product Information

Outstanding cleaning power. Eliminates encrusted grease from hot and cold ovens. Cleaning your appliance has never been easier. Leaves pleasant aroma. The spray is ideal to clean grills as well as regular ovens.


Application: Ovens
Capacity: 500ml
Type: Cleaning Spray
Model - 484000008431
Wpro 484000008483 250ml Iron Descaler (484000008483)
Product Information

Eliminates all limescale deposits. Special formula removes limescale deposits and makes ironing easier. A regularly cleaned iron has proved to work more efficiently. For all irons with aluminium sole plates.


Application:Iron, Steam Iron
Type: Descaler
Model - 484000008483
Ultralight 3 Pack Stick And Click Led Lights (TE8026)

Ultralight 3 Pack Stick And Click Led Lights

The 3 Pack LED lights give bright light anywhere you want. No Wiring or installation required, just peel, stick and click. Quick & easy, no need for electrical socket or unsightly wiring. Ideal for use in the home, under presses, kitchen cabinets, sinks and stairs. Also wardrobes, children's rooms, alcoves, hot presses, garden sheds, green houses and attics. Ideal as safety devices during power failures as flashlights and emergency lights also in car boots and on passenger doors. They are great when camping, boating or in mobile homes. 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)

3 Pack LED Lights give light under presses:

  • kitchen cabinets
  • sinks 
  • stairs
  • wardrobes
  • childrens rooms
  • alcoves
  • hot presses
  • garden sheds 
  • green houses and attics
  • No wiring or installation required, only takes minutes to install simply peel, stick and click.
  • Uses 3 x AAA Batteries (not included).
  • LED: Yes
  • Colour: Silver
  • Number of LED: 3
  • Pack Quantity: 3
  • Battery Type: 3 x AAA
  • Battery Included: No
Model - TE8026
Paragon Electronics 6976300 ADSL Splitter (6976300)

Paragon Electronics 6976300 ADSL Splitter

  • This ADSL microfilter is suitable separating the voice and data parts of an ADSL enabled line.

Features and Benefits

  • Separate the voice and data parts of an ADSL enabled line to remove interference
  • A filter is required on every wired phone outlet in your home
Model - 6976300
Ultralightpal TE3101 LED Light (TE3101)
Product Information

The Ultralightpal 3101 is a lightweight and compact working light.  It has a swivel hook to hang and direct light and is magnetised for Hands-free use.

Brand: Ultralightpal
Product Code: TE3101
Model - TE3101
Mercury 429649 230V 50Hz Anti Surge Adaptor (429649)
Product Information
  • This mains socket adaptor is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment against power surges.
  • To be used in conjunction with a standard UK BS1363 fused plug.

  • Response time 10 nano seconds
  • Maximum load of 13A
  • Weight 78g
Model - 429649
Duracell MN1500 5+3 Duracell Plus Power AA 5 Pack and 3 Free (MN1500)
Product Information

Economical, general purpose 1.5V AA alkaline battery with a high energy output that are reliable with a long shelf life, and good low temperature performance.
Duracell Plus Power now has longer life compared to previous Duracell Plus Power batteries;Ideal for everyday use.

Duracell's DURALOCK technology means these batteries are guaranteed to stay powered for up to 10 years when not being used. This huge leap forward in battery technology has been made possible by improvements in the purity of ingredients and upgrades to the construction of the battery cell meaning less power is lost when in storage.


  • Quick search number: MN1500B5+3
  • Number of Batteries: 8
  • Function battery performs: General , General purpose battery with many applications
  • Battery Chemistry: Alkaline , Non-rechargable, low cost
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Weight: 192 g
  • Battery Type: AA
  • Technology: Duracell Plus Power
  • Typical Application: Multi-Purpose
Model - MN1500
Wpro 484000008497 Ceramic/Hob Cleaning Spray (484000008497)
Product Information 

Cleans induction, ceramic and glass hobs effectively and without scratching. Ceramic Cleaning Spray leaves a protective film that prevents marks for a lasting shine. Cleaning without trace - the cleaner works without leaving marks or fingerprints.


Cleaning Spray
Model - 484000008497
Wpro 480181701075 Stainless Steel Cleaner (480181701075)
Product Information

A professional formula which cleans and shines without leaving marks on all stainless steel surfaces
It maintains the brightness of all surfaces
An eco-friendly green cleaner
It maintains the brightness of your surfaces and makes stainless steel shine
Holds a European Union Eco label


Application:Stainless Steel
Type: Cleaning Spray

Model - 480181701075
Wpro 484000008423 500ml Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray (484000008423)
Product Information

Apply the spray to give a perfect shine to all stainless steel surfaces. Enjoy the delicate lemon scent after cleaning. Cleaning without trace - the cleaner works without leaving marks or fingerprints.


Application: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 500ml
Type: Cleaning Spray
Model - 484000008423
Wpro 484000008544 250ml Stainless Steel Cleaner Cream (484000008544)
Product Information

All-round care for your stainless steel surfaces. Cleans and shines on all stainless steel surfaces: Hobs, cooker hoods, ovens, fridges, etc. Cleaning without trace - the cleaner works without leaving marks or fingerprints. Applies a protective film for long lasting shine.


Application: Stainless Steel
Type: Cleaner Cream
Model - 484000008544
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